Your Benefits are Secure

This message applies to members who are employed by the City of Edmonton:

Recently, concerns have been brought to my attention that the City’s contract with Alberta Blue Cross to administer our benefits will expire soon. This is true. But it is not a concern. These contracts are for a specific term and when they’re coming due, a new Request for Proposals is sent out and either the existing provider is continued for another term or a new provider is chosen.

Either way, your benefits are clearly defined in the Collective Agreement and any transition to a new administrator or continuance of the current one will be seamless. There will be no disruption of your benefit entitlement or access.

There is a small change, however. Your Health Care Spending Account will rise from $700 to $755 per year on January 01, 2021. This is a result of the Collective Agreement you ratified in June.

Some of you will recall that ATU Canada initiated a petition to the Federal Government a couple of weeks back. The collection of signatures for that effort is still ongoing. Today some Shop Stewards and Board members are undergoing a training program to bring the petition to the shop floor. Beginning tomorrow, you may be approached by a Steward or Board member to sign up. Asking the government to help fund municipalities in general and Transit systems in particular will PROTECT YOUR JOB AND HELP BRING OUR LAID OFF SISTERS AND BROTHERS BACK WHERE THEY BELONG. Please take a minute to sign this petition. It helps us all

In Solidarity,

Steve Bradshaw
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569