The City’s Threat

About one o’clock this afternoon, October 19, 2021, ATU Main members received yet another message from the City. In their message, the City threatened you by saying that they could not “rule out a work stoppage.” That’s not technically true. They most certainly can rule out a work stoppage. ATU has given them a very reasonable Offer to Settle. It looks like this:
  • 1.75% increase for 2021, but ONLY in the last pay period of 2021 (City offered nothing for 2021)
  • An increase equivalent to the inflation rate for 2022 (City offered 1% for 2022)
  • 3 minor wage adjustments for members who are being paid well below what their skill and experience would dictate. (City offers nothing)
  • A watered down job protection clause. (We reduced our proposal on this as the City refused to negotiate).
  • Greater flexibility related to Clothing, (the City’s Offer removes Operators’ winter parka, which they forgot to mention in their little letter. Oh, and if you forget to pick up your clothes, you lose your clothes and your points).
  • Changes to the LTD plan that will protect members from excessive rate hikes.
  • Tool Allowance for Group 2 will go up commensurate with the general wage increase AS PER THE CURRENT COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. This is not a change.
  • That’s it for the Union. A very reasonable offer.
  • The City offer takes away the maintenance signup except once a year and any time they want they can change your shift.
  • The City offer includes that they can change Security shifts any time they want.
  • The City offer locks in tool allowance and unhooks it from the general wage increase.
 The Union’s offer is not an abusive or unreasonable offer and it recognizes the City’s very difficult financial circumstances. If the City accepts it, it will “rule out a work stoppage”. We have taken Nothings for 2 years running now. We have done our part to solve a problem that is not of our making.
By trying to force their “Offer” on us, they are most definitely trying to divide us. If we vote this offer down, WE GO BACK TO THE NEGOTIATING TABLE where the Union has wanted to go all along. Let’s VOTE NO and get back down to business. IF YOU HAVEN’T VOTED YET, PLEASE FIND YOUR BALLOT NOW, MARK YOUR X ON IT AND GET IT IN THE MAIL. We need to send them a solid message. VOTE NO and STAND STRONG!
In Solidarity,
Steve Bradshaw
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569