Service Impacts from New COVID Restrictions

Since the announcement of new restrictions and modified school closures yesterday, many members are concerned about the impact to Transit Service and their jobs. We’ve been in touch with scheduling for Edmonton Transit and St. Albert Transit and we’re still waiting to hear from Red Deer. We’ll send along a supplementary message for Red Deer if there’s anything to report.

For St. Albert, there are no changes resulting from the variances to school closure/openings. The Saturday schedule will continue into the New Year.

For ETS, scheduling has been looking at cancelling school specials for the Nov 30-Jan 8 period, and they’ve been working through that today with the scheduling/shift design team. If they DO cancel school specials, it will NOT impact pay for signed shifts.

Hope this helps to allay some anxiety and please be safe out there!

ATU Local 569
Steve Bradshaw,
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569