Remote Work Survey Update

Recently, we sent you a message about a survey the City of Edmonton conducted with its employees concerning the “Remote Work” or work-from-home initiative expressed in their Reimagine paper. While the City disputes our contention that that survey constitutes Unfair Labour Practice, we stand by our assertion that it IS, in fact Unfair. It may well be Bargaining in Bad Faith as well.

That said, not all surveys are bad. Currently, the Glynt Survey on Diversity and Inclusion in our workplace is in circulation. Later this month, the annual Employee Engagement Survey will be distributed. The Unions have been consulted about these surveys, understand the content and the security and distribution of the information gathered.

These are important surveys that seek to hear your opinion and your stories about the level of tolerance and inclusion where YOU work. They want to know about the level of morale and why it’s high or low. Along with our Coalition partners, ATU urges you to take a few minutes to participate in these 2 surveys. We’re convinced that they are well intended and target improved working conditions for everyone.

COVID Update

The Edmonton area’s COVID curve is still rising, though it may be levelling off. With schools going back in today, that levelling off could reverse overnight. We hope not, but in any case, now is the time to redouble your personal efforts to protect yourself, those you love and the people around you. Wear the mask when appropriate. Wash your hands a LOT. Don’t touch your face. Keep your distance from others EVEN if they’re masked.

In a conversation yesterday with Local 1433, Phoenix President Bob Bean, a local about the same size as ours, I learned that they have had over 90 members test positive for COVID and 4 members have died from the virus.

By contrast, 4 members of Edmonton Local 569 have tested positive, none were hospitalized and all have recovered. A dramatic difference we want to keep.

In Solidarity,

Steve Bradshaw
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569