Media Event Next Week

This is important – critically important if you’re one of those people who stand to be fired in favour of a contractor.


You’re aware that the City of Edmonton is preparing to contract out the cleaning & recycling of buses and fare box maintenance. The Union has been actively opposing this move and you’re wearing your “149 Button”.


Our next step is to host another media event to reveal the photo campaign banner wherein almost 1500 of us stood together to protest the contracting out of our jobs. It looks amazing!


The event will be held @ 4:30 pm. next Thursday, June 10 at Edmonton Tower, the Southwest corner of 101 St. and 104 Ave. June 10th is the first day that outdoor gatherings of up to 150 people will be permitted and we need to fill out that maximum.


The media will be invited as well as certain City Councillors and candidates. We’ll be presenting the newly minted photo banner as well as calling on City Council to reinstate the budget to continue cleaning of buses and maintenance of fare equipment in-house.


If you’re able, please join us. Wear your mask, remember to stand apart, stand tall and proud.

In solidarity,

Steve Bradshaw

President/Business Agent

ATU Local 569