Mandatory Vaccination Policy Statement

In consideration to mandatory vaccination policies in Canada, CLC ( Canadian Labour Congress) affiliates, including ATU Canada, discussed and identified several common concerns, priorities and principles with the goal of establishing a policy with the effort of capturing labour’s principles and priorities.
ATU Canada president, John Di Nino, and Executive of ATU Local 569 fully support CLC’s policy statement on mandatory vaccination policies.
Below is the statement from the CLC Canadian Council:
On Tuesday August 17th, the CLC brought together over 70 Canadian Council representatives for an hour-long discussion of the issue of mandatory vaccination policies in Canada. 
The CLC invited affiliates to the discussion in order to respond to the federal government announcement of mandatory vaccination in federal jurisdiction, and to assist the CLC in understanding and responding with clear and consistent public messaging on the contentious issue.
We listened carefully to affiliates, and took note of the uncertainty on the issue and difference of opinion about how to respond. However, we did identify several common concerns, principles and priorities expressed by affiliates. 
The CLC’s policy statement on mandatory vaccination policies represents our efforts to capture labour’s principles and priorities. I want to thank Executive Committee members that reviewed and provided feedback on the draft statement.
In Solidarity,
Steve Bradshaw
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569