Lots Happening at the Union


Wherever you are:

We’ve attached 3 documents for your information. One is a letter from all of the Coalition Presidents to all of the Coalition Membership. It talks briefly about the looming end of the Letter of Understanding related to the temporary layoffs and about the changes coming to the City.

One is a copy of the administration’s so-called “Reimagine Report” wherein the senior administrators imagine a City where things like a “flexible workforce”, a modernized workforce”, “fewer FTEs” and support for “private partners” is all discussed. It’s an essential read if you care about your job and the jobs of your fellow members.

The third attachment is a fresh copy of the Executive Board list and our contact information for your information.

We are very busy in our office for a mid-summer season. We’re on the verge of (finally) resolving the outstanding elements of the Cognitive testing arbitration. Bill 32 has been tabled in the Legislature, a bill to handcuff Unions and march us backwards. We’ll forward a copy of the Bill for your information, along with the AFL’s legal opinion of its ramifications.

Pensions continue to be targeted by the cash-strapped Provincial government, eyeing our multi-billion dollar retirement fund. The Labour Coalition on Pensions is meeting next week to strategize how best to protect your pensions. Also, next week the Arbitration about photo traffic violations gets underway. The Union contends that forcing members to pay the ticket AND having discipline issued is patently unfair and unreasonable.

As ridership continues to ease up toward pre-COVID levels, all properties are working at getting service back on the road and members back to work. Hopefully, by the start of September, that will have happened. At Red Deer, a volunteer retirement offer has been issued in hope of preventing the need for permanent layoffs.

A new order of cool cushions is finally on its way and should be in the workplace Tuesday or Wednesday. This was delayed because of the COVID shut-down of the manufacturing plant in Mexico.

That’s all for today. Please take a bit of time to read the Reimagine Report. It really IS important that we all know what the administration has in store.

In Solidarity,

Steve Bradshaw
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569