Holiday Greetings

It was my plan that this year-end message would avoid the expressions “COVID” or “Pandemic”, but everything I think about that happened this year somehow linked back to them. So, now I’ve said them, I’ll stay away from them for the rest of the message.
I’ll start by thanking the amazing Executive team you elected. With all of the challenges we faced this year, they’ve pulled together to close ranks and get our jobs done. I can’t overstate my appreciation.
The year started with concluding negotiations and ratifying the new contract at ETS Main, all during difficult and unusual times. It is ending with putting the finishing touches on a new proposal in the same unusual times and with the City indicating that they are going to play hardball with our contract..
We’ve established a Core Team of organizers who will be increasingly visible in the workplace through the negotiating season and on into the upcoming City elections next fall. Please watch for them and work with them. In this environment, we will need to be more together than ever.
The Regionalization of Transit has emerged as our number 1 concern going into 2021. We don’t believe the initiative intends to harm us or our jobs, but we’re not leaving it to others to protect our interests. We don’t need another P-3 Valley Line fiasco operating part of our Transit system.
Most importantly, I want to note that, despite all the unbelievable challenges 2020 has presented, the Transit Systems have performed flawlessly throughout and that is because of you, the thousands of front line, security and maintenance workers.
From the International, ATU Canada, from the Executive and from me, may the Holiday Season, however you celebrate it, bring joy and happiness to you and your families. Be safe, Be healthy,
In Solidarity,
Steve Bradshaw,
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569