Fleet Services Equipment Update

A few equipment updates for you all. Be prepared, it’s a long read!

Vicinity Buses (Community Service Buses – the shipment of shields just went out today. It is estimated to take 3 to 4 days to reach Edmonton. The City should be receiving them on Monday or Tuesday of next week. The installs will start shortly after that. Usually 4-6 units can be installed per day. Unfortunately the community service buses will not be apart of the next sign up but hopefully if these installs get completed sooner than later, a better chance we can see our CSOs return to their positions.

60 Foot Articulated Buses – 34 out of 35 buses have shields. They are missing a few parts on the last kit so they are waiting on those parts to arrive.

40 foot bus shields– all are completed now except 6.

A/C Units on 40 foot Buses – 319 A/C units have been installed to date. There are roughly 600 that needed to be done altogether so they are only just over 50% done. There was originally delays with this project due to the pandemic but now it is fully a-go. Of course, all of the 7000 series buses and new Artics came equipped with A/C. Centennial actually had the fewest amount of A/C buses at only 20% of their buses completed compared to roughly 50% of the other divisions buses so there is some focus right now to catch up Centennial’s ratio.

I have been working with management to try and get as many A/C equipped buses on the road. I know Fleet Services did a fantastic job in the past with previous similar requests of trying to get as many camera buses and shield buses on the road when this equipment was first being installed, so I have faith they will be able to rise to the task again. I am trying to get the ROB (Runs, Operators, Buses) program that the bookers use to be updated so that it reflects which buses have A/C units installed. This will be most helpful to the bookers. I will continue to push to have as many A/C buses out as possible since I know that was an original concern with the shields- cooking in an enclosed area with no A/C.

On a side note, many Transit authorities including Red Deer, St.Albert, Spruce Grove, Beaumont and even Detroit have been inquiring to the City of Edmonton about our shields. There is a big push to get shields installed in many Transit authorities so that is awesome that we are one of the leading Cities for this!

Thanks all! Take care and Stay Safe!

Jennifer Ewanchuk
ATU 569 Assistant Business Agent
VP Maintenance