Critical Worker Benefit Program

This is information for all members who are wondering about the Critical Worker Benefit Program – the Provincial Government response to the extra burden and risk carried by “Critical Workers” during the pandemic. Working with Labour Relations Branch Manager, Denis Jubenville, we’ve been advised that no municipal employee will qualify for this benefit. Not the DATS Operators who were tasked with transporting COVID positive clients. Not the Transit Peace Officers who have to be hands-on with violators and have suffered assaults. Not the Cleaners who daily make sure our buses and infrastructure are thoroughly disinfected. No one. It’s as if the Provincial Government is doesn’t care about City workers or doesn’t think our work is valuable. Shame on you Mr. Kenney!
We continue to work with City officials to try to press our point on your behalf, but, in the words of Branch Manager Jubenville, “We continue to communicate with the province to ensure we have full clarity on the program but it doesn’t appear the City’s employees will be eligible.”
In solidarity,
Steve Bradshaw
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569