COVID Update in the Workplace

Late last Friday, July 17, a member of Local 569 reported that he had tested positive for COVID 19. He is currently isolated and recovering. We send our sympathy and wish him well in his recovery.

The Union was contacted by the City on Saturday morning with the news and we have been kept advised of all developments since then. We are satisfied that all protocols have been followed and the safety of all members has been protected.

Alberta Health Services has conducted its investigation and identified that four other Operators may have had close contact with this member through relieving him on the road. The affected member was fastidious about cleaning his compartment both at the start and finish of his shift and it’s deemed unlikely that he neither contracted the virus at work nor spread it there. The four members who may have had close contact have been notified and sent for testing.

Regardless of where you work, you are advised to go for testing, too. Here’s the link: It’s easy to lose our hard-won protocols. People are too close in stores and other public places. Two metres is STILL the protocol. It’s not just our right to speak up and ask people to give us some room, it’s our responsibility to do so.

Be Safe, Be Apart,

Steve Bradshaw
ATU Local 569