COVID Positive?


Yesterday evening, July 08, Edmonton Transit Fleet Maintenance announced that one of their employees at Andrews Garage had tested positive for COVID-19. The Union sends our best wishes for a speedy recovery to this member.

The member was last on the job on July 05. The response at Andrews was swift and thorough. Immediate disinfection and fogging has been completed. Everyone that has been working with him has been sent home with instructions to call AHS. The driver of the last bus he worked on has been contacted and sent for testing and the bus has been thoroughly disinfected and fogged.

Members who work at Andrews are encouraged to click this link to go to the AHS site and book an appointment to get tested. They’re pretty backed up right now, but once you get in it’s quick and easy. Some venues even do it right from your car.

There’s no need to panic, but every reason to take precautions and get tested. The last thing anyone needs or wants is an outbreak in our workplace, so please do your part: get tested, follow the protocols. Keep the 2 metre distance, wash hands thoroughly and frequently.

Be Safe, Be Apart,

Steve Bradshaw
ATU Local 569