City Council Ratifies Agreement

Late this afternoon, Edmonton City Council voted unanimously to ratify the Collective Agreement between the City and ATU Local 569, ETS Main bargaining Unit. I guess they would. It means 2 consecutive years without an increase to our pay. Without a single penny of new money into our remuneration package. On June 9, the Union ratified the deal with a vote of 70.4% in favour.
 The City’s ratification completes the deal and sets us up to re-engage negotiations this fall with a new proposal and a partially new Committee. We expect a tough round of bargaining. Already, bold statements have been made by both sides. COVID has ravaged the country’s economy and cities are struggling to recover their former service levels. And then there’s the price of oil – the Canadian Crude Index was at $26.52/bbl today.
But it’s time to move on. Our members have accepted a deal that loses ground to inflation for 2 consecutive years. We’ve done our part to help the City rationalize its financial troubles. It’s time for City Council to stop solving its problems on the backs of its workers. Later this summer, we’ll be sending out a survey to ask what you think we should be bargaining for. Please take a minute to fill it out and send it back.
Steve Bradshaw,
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569