About those 3 hour Doctors’ appointments

So, I was talking to a guy recently who complained that he hadn’t been paid his full 3 hour “entitlement” when he booked off for a doctor appointment. After asking a few questions, I learned that his appointment was for a half hour after his shift ended. His foreman had allowed him away an hour before the end of his shift, leaving an hour and a half for him to get cleaned up and to his appointment.

Our Collective Agreement reads, in part:

“…an employee who is compelled to arrange an appointment during working hours shall be allowed to meet such appointment on City time without loss of pay, provided they are not absent…for longer than 3 hours.”


  • You’re expected to book your appointments on your own time. That way, you won’t lose any pay.
  • If you CAN’T get it on your own time, you can be away for up to 3 hours, paid
  • It won’t always be 3 hours – it will be for an amount of time that’s reasonable for you to get there and/or get back.
  • If it’s for longer than 3 hours, you can negotiate for LWOP or vacation to cover the difference.

It turns out the guy I was talking to was treated fairly. His appointment wasn’t even IN his working hours (meaning that, by a literal reading of the agreement, the foreman didn’t have to give him anything), but the Foreman got him out an hour early anyway – time to get there in a presentable form.

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