ATU 569 Update Jan 15. 2021

The Core Team is out there with the Regionalization Petition in Edmonton and St. Albert. Please watch for them, sign their sheet and take a blank and get your co-workers to signup as well. The Executive meets with the Chair & Vice Chair of the Regional Transit Service Commission next week. We need to be able to say our members are behind us! I can’t over state the importance of this. Everything is on the line here.
Masks have hit the ignition point this week in ETS as management ramped up the dialogue to “expect” operators to wear them at all times. The Union’s advice: If it’s safe to wear, please wear it. If it’s not safe, do your best to make it safe. Stop the bus, wipe your glasses, take a breathing break, whatever it takes. One member is trying a surgical grade of mask on the advice of his doctor. Could this work for you? Everyone knows there are legitimate exceptions and everyone wants to make it safe for everyone.
The past week has been busy catching up to the backlog of member service issues from the Holiday period and clearing up some grievances. We’ve also completed a proposal to take to the City of Edmonton for the ETS Main bargaining unit. There’s a date set up on February 08 to exchange proposals with them. The Negotiating committee has its first meeting next Tuesday to hammer out the strategy going into the meetings.
Next up will be the Red Deer Bargaining Unit as we get ready to head into yet another tough round of negotiations. All municipalities are reporting extreme fiscal hardship and will be bargaining hard.
Please be safe out there and happy weekend!
In solidarity,
Steve Bradshaw
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569