ATU 569 Petition

They’re at it again!
The Core Team organizers are about to start their next action, this time including not only ETS but St. Albert as well. Their target is Transit Regionalization and they’re going to ask you to sign a petition. It’s simple enough – it talks about how Regionalization could cost us our jobs or collective bargaining rights. And then it says that we stand together for 3 simple demands: A seat at the table, preservation of our rights & benefits and continuation of our collective agreement rights. It’s not a lot to ask and, NOW MORE THAN EVER, we need to stand together and support each other.
Check out our latest ATU 569 Video
When you see these folks out there, please take a minute and sign the petition. It will send the best kind of message! Better yet, take a blank page and sign up your cohorts. Every little bit counts. You can send completed sheets back to the Union office – easiest way is to take a picture and email it in.
And a note for ETS Operators: The City is more determined than ever that you should wear a mask at all times. We recommend compliance when you’re able, but safety first.
Steve Bradshaw
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569