2021 Budget Success

In Edmonton, Annual Budget Updates were considered, debated and decided upon over the past 2 weeks. ATU was part of that discussion, along with other members of the Coalition of Civic Unions. For ATU, the biggest deal was a proposal to cut about 25,000 hours of service – about 1% of the total. It seems like not such a big deal, until you think back to the 1st/last km debates and the Bus Network Redesign. At that time, administration and Council committed clearly to keep all service hours and roll them over into the new network. The proposal to cut was scheduled at precisely the time the BNR is scheduled to roll out.
In our presentation to the Budget Hearings and in our messaging to all Councilors and the Mayor, we emphasized the erosion of trust in the word of Council if they proceeded with these cuts. And they heard us!
In a unanimous vote on a motion brought jointly by Councilors Paquette and Knack, Council withdrew the Transit Service cuts from the budget. The Mayor even quoted our words when he spoke to the motion. It’s a clear indication of how Unions can affect our work place and our working conditions. They saved our jobs!
It’s a solid win, but we have many battles ahead. When we Stand Together, We Win Together.
In Solidarity,
Steve Bradshaw,
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 569