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Download ATU Scholarship 2019 form

Five $8,000.00 scholarships are awarded each year. A sixth $2,000.00 scholarship is available for award to an applicant who will attend a technical or vocational post—secondary school. The competition is open to ATU members, their children and- grandchildren. All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements and satisfy these Rules and Procedures. For each scholarship winner, the ATU will deposit up to $8,000.00 with an accredited college, or a technical or vocational post-secondary school, where the award winner will be attending.

1. Applicants must be either:

– a member of the ATU in good standing;

– the child (whether natural or legally adopted) or stepchild of a member in good standing, or of a deceased member who was in good standing at the time of his or her death;

– a grandchild (whether natural or legally adopted) of a member in good standing, or of a deceased member who was in good standing at the time of his or her death

  1. Applicants must be high school seniors planning to enter college (or technical or vocational post-secondary school) [or the [lrst time following graduation during the 2018 – 2019 school year, or previous high school graduates that have never attended college.
  1. ATU Scholarships are NOT available to the following persons:

— those who do not intend to work without interruption toward a bachelor degree or graduation from a technical or vocational school, ‘

– those who are attending or have already attended college, technical or vocational school,

– spouses of members,

– ATU International Officers, International Representatives, staff, and other employees or their dependents, or

– those who are fully funded for tuition, fees, and books from other sources.

Completed official application form
1. Official application forms can be obtained from any ATU local union, or contact Doreen Price, at the ATU Scholarship Program Office, 10000 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20903, Tel: (toll free) 1-888-240- 1196 or email (dprice@atu.org). You may also use the copy of the application published in our In Transit magazine or download a copy from our website. www.ATU.org.

2. Completed applications must be sent by first class mail to the ATU Scholarship Program Office at the above address.

3. Applications must be:


Applications postmarked after this date will not be accepted.

4. Upon receipt of the application by the ATU Scholarship ProgramvOffice, applicants will receive the following materials by return mail:

  1. Scholarship questionnaire
  2. Bibliography of suggested references for the essay

1. Applicants must sign the authorization statement for the release of the information requested in the Scholarship Questionnaire.

2. The form should then be presented for completion to the principal or guidance counselor of the school attended by the applicant.

3. Applicants are responsible for completing the questionnaire in its entirety and submitting‘ all required information by the established deadlines.

4. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that this form is returned to the ATU Scholarship Program Office at:

10000 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, 20903




The ATU International shall appoint a Selection Committee of community, academic, and labor leaders. No ATU officer, member, staff or employee, shall participate in the final selection process.

Applicants will be judged on the basis of their scholastic record, involvement in community and extra-curricular activities, and the quality of the essay submitted.

The Committee shall select five academic scholarship winners and five alternates, and one technical or vocational scholarship winner and one alternate.

Decisions of the Committee shall be final.

If a recipient is disqualified due to a failure to fulfill all Scholarship Program requirements, the ATU Scholarship will be awarded to the next qualified alternate.

The recipient(s) will be notified by mail of their award, and will also be given a form to complete in order to release the scholarship funds. Upon the return of the required information, a check will be issued to the university or vocational school in the appropriate amount. The “award will be restricted to the payment of tuition, books, and associated fees.

Please Note: Only winners will be notified of the awards and a full list of winners will be posted in the 2019 fall issue of the In Transit Magazine.


  1. Applicants are required to write an essay of no less than 500 words and no more than 750 words in English, French or Spanish, on the subject of: “Organized Labor’s Contribution to the Welfare of the People of the United States”

For residents of the United States


“Organized Labour’s Contribution to the Welfare of the People of Canada”

For residents of Canada

NOTE: The essay will be evaluated on an analysis of the topic – the facts and arguments that are presented, as demonstrating that the student understands the topic, and the  effectiveness of the essay in demonstrating how organized labor benefits everyone, whether they are union members or not. Grammar, style, organization and presentation will also be evaluated.

  1. Essays must be sent, preferably with the Scholarship Questionnaire, by first class mail, to the ATU Scholarship Program Office at:

10000 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20903


*************** DEADLINES ********************

All deadlines will be strictly enforced. Any application which is incomplete or not postmarked on time, will not be considered.